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Donal Hancock

Double Dan Horsemanship Instructor

Donal grew up on a 30,000 acre cattle station in Australia located near a town call Injune Queensland.  Horses were an essential way to gather cattle and that is where his interest in horses began.  From 2008 - 2009 he found himself on the rodeo circuit riding bulls on the coastline of Queensland - which in turn led to a full time job from 2009-2011 in the "Australian Outback Spectacular" show located on the Gold Coast where he performed on horseback for of crowds of thousands each day.

In 2012 he met Dan James and Dan Steers who took him on working with Double Dan Horsemanship at their training vacility in North Arm Cove in NSW.  He then travelled to the USA with Dan James where he spent the next few years training with Dan James and traveling thru the United States and Canada furthering his horsemanship skills assisting Dan James at clinics and shows.  

Retuning to Australia in 2015 Donal has worked with Dan Steers at several clinics and shows and now also conducts his own Horsemanship clinics and entertainment segments at shows around Queensland.  When he is not working and travelling with Double Dan Horsemanship he has established his own business "Hancock Horsemanship" utilizing the  skills he has learned working with Double Dan Horsemasnhip.

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