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Kym Hagon

Kym Hagon was born and raised in Sydney to a very non-horsey family.  He first took an interest in horses from a young age and suffered his first fall as a ten-year-old on a “friend’s” station horse when he simultaneously discovered it wasn’t as quiet as first proclaimed - the friend is still a friend however, just a little less trusted…  Despite extensive bruising, there were no major injuries, and this near-death experience ironically served to only spark a passion for horses. 

Kym bought his first horse at age 15 in an endeavor to establish if these animals were in fact killing machines or just misunderstood.  Fortunately for him this animal was far kinder than the aforementioned beast that still fuels his nightmares, and he spent every spare moment riding whenever, and with whomever he could.

In 1997 Kym began study in veterinary science at Sydney University.  Horses were harder to come by around the Sydney University main campus on Parramatta Rd, so riding the equines gave way to a 5-year intensive pursuit of veterinary knowledge, drinking skills and rugby union (each of these areas were closer-knit to each other than he’d previously acknowledged).

Upon completion of his veterinary degree in 2001, Kym began work as a mixed animal vet at Kempsey on the Mid-North Coast of NSW.  It was here that he re-initiated his riding career, but the thirst for knowledge also continued.  Forums such as Equitana in Melbourne were a perfect opportunity to absorb a wealth of information in all aspects of horses, but almost it opened Kym’s eyes to the world of entertainment around horses.  Acts such as Double Dan Horsemanship that combine horsemanship, entertainment and comedy now became his inspiration. 

Kym continues to develop his own style of equine entertainment which melds music and comedy with horsemanship.   Training is rigorous under the watchful eyes of his wife (also Kim - note the individuality of different spellings….) and their three boys, Dusty, Harry and Ned who are each integral parts of the team.


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