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2 Day Horsemanship Clinic YEPOON QLD

Date: 22 July 2017 09:00 to 23 July 2017 16:00


Dan Steers from Double Dan Horsemanship will conduct a 2 day
Horsemanship clinic based on the following topics: Ground Control
& Body Control under Saddle.
This clinic will be split into groups according to ability and focus. The program will be structured such that it can be modied to focus in groups what you are specically interested in. This may include, but is not limited to ground control with a focus on body control under saddle. The rst day will include a non-riding group suitable for horses which are not under saddle.
If there are particular problems you would like to address in the
clinic, make Dan aware of them at the commencement of the day
and he will be sure to go through them with you.
This 2 day clinic is based on Ground Control & Body Control Under
Saddle DVDs which are available through our online shop, and will be available for sale at the clinic. In our line of DVD’s we have broken down our training methods and clearly dened the levels of
progression in your training regime.

Bookings: Call Madeline on 0413 483 850 or email

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